Rosie, Head Technician

Rosie is our longest standing employee at Aggie Animal Clinic . She started as an intern and then joined the staff in 2000. She went to Western Career College and studied animal science, which got her started in the veterinary technician field. She currently takes on a heavy work load here by being the manager of Aggie Animal Clinic and the supervisor of the staff all while still being a head technician. Rosie has a kitty named Puss-n-Boots (aka Putty). She also has a dog a Chihuahua named JoJo. Rosie enjoys spending time with her two kids and being their “soccer mom.”

Jenn, Book keeper/Vet Assistant

Jenn was born in Reedly, Ca but raised in Fairfield, Ca. She has always had a passion for helping others and wanting to be in the medical field. After being introduced by a friend to the vet technician world she could not resist the opportunity to take care of pets. She then attended Western Career College in 2005 which was how she was introduced to Aggie Animal Clinic through the intern program. She has been an employee working with us since 2007 and loves the lives she gets to help here. Jenn married her best friend, Matt in 2013 and they have four fur babies together, Emma (aka Moose), Patrick (aka Pat Pat), Cayenne (aka Te Te), and the newest addition Bailey (aka Bae Bae)

Patty, RVT

Patty is currently our lead staffed Registered Veterinary Technician at Aggie. She started as an intern in 2010 and was quickly hired as a staff member while finishing school. She graduated from Carrington College in 2011 with an associates in Applied Animal Science. Soon after graduating she took the state board test to become an RVT. She currently has two dogs, a Chihuahua named Ringo and German Sheppard named Kilo and 1 cat named Wala who of course she adopted from Aggie. Patty loves working at Aggie specifically because of the family bond she has with all of her coworkers.

Colleen, RVT

Colleen is a Registered Veterinary Technician. Colleen grew up in Dixon and graduated from Dixon High. After high school she went to Carrington College in Sacramento and completed her Associates of Science degree in Veterinary Technology. She worked for a Veterinary Hospital in Sacramento for 6 years after deciding that she wanted to be closer to home which is how she joined the Aggie team. She has a passion for helping animals and tries to not bring all of them home with her. She has a family dog named Lily who is a lab mix and 2 adopted black cats named Rosie and Dory.

Elvira, Vet Assistant

Elvira grew up in a little farm town in Winters. After graduating from Davis High in 2010 she knew her passion for animals was the way she wanted to go with her career. She attended Carrington College’s vet tech program between 2012-2014 and received her Associates Degree in Animal Science. Elvira started working at Dixon Pet Resort in the summer of 2012 and after completing school came over to the Aggie side in 2014. Elvira has 2 children her son Donavin and her 4 legged furry old man Boss. When Elvira isn’t chasing around her tazmanian son Donavin and Boss she enjoys listening to music and family gatherings.

Brigette, Vet Assistant

Brigette has been with Aggie since November of 2013 working as an veterinary assistant. She is a graduate of UC Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with an interest in small animal and lab research. She currently has two cats named Buster andMac, and a Rottweiler mix named Maya. Brigette loves to travel and is a huge Giants fan.
Joe, Vet Assistant

Monique, Vet Assistant

Monique grew up in Winters, CA. She attended Carrington College and received her Associates in Veterinary Technology in August of 2017. She is currently applying to take her Registered Veterinary Technician exam and join our list of awesome RVT’s. Monique has 3 adorable dogs named Obie, Zero and Maya.

Denisse, Receptionist

Denisse is our newest employee here at Aggie. She started as an intern in September 2017 and was hired on as a receptionist in January. Denisse is a recent UC Davis graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with and interest in small animals. She has worked with both small and large animals, but realized her passion lies in small animals as she has a soft spot for all breeds of dogs. Her love of small animals and passion for learning is what brought her here to Aggie, as she does have plans to go to veterinary school. She has one fur baby Koba, but plans on adopting more fur babies in the near future.

Mr. Boo

Mr. Boo came to us in April of 2014 due to unforeseen circumstances. He fit in quickly with our Aggie family and has become a bit of a therapy cat. He is frequently seen greeting clients or cuddling with bottle kittens as there is no one he does not like. He is a kind, gentle, and handsome guy that loves attention.