Fear of Noises- What To Do during 4th of July?

Written by Jeannine Berger DVM, DACVB (Behavior)

It is very important NOT to expose the already fearful animal to the noises (they will get worse over time): some ways of helping your animal during this difficult time

  • Leave town and go to a place with no fireworks
  • Don’t leave pet alone
  • Place your dog in a darkened room, Leave music on (preferably classical music, or soothing talk radio)
  • Use DAP plug-in or DAP collar
  • Use aromatherapy (Lavender)
  • Use Calming Cap (www.premier.com)
  • Use Body Wraps (www.Thundershirt.com)
  • Use a head halter to easier control your dog and keep him focused on something more positive (Gentle Leader; www.premier.com)
  • Keep your dog engaged with food dispensing toys
  • Keep your dog engaged with commands or play

IMPORTANT: See your veterinarian early. Your veterinarian can prescribe short acting anti-anxiety medication sometimes in combination with a sedative if needed (never should a sedative alone be used). Go talk to your veterinarian this week as a physical exam or blood work might be required before prescribing any medications.

Also, make sure your dog is micro chipped in case he/she does escape.

Dogs with noise phobia should be carefully screened for other types of anxieties and phobias such as separation anxiety and other noise phobias and visa versa due to the interactions amongst fear/anxiety conditions.

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